studio address:
Olga Ulmann | Kulturbunker
Schmickstr. 18
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Clinamen und Skulptiere 

Indicated by its title, this piece refers to the art historian Didi-Huberman’s expression Clinamen that he uses to describe the declination of the female figure (Venus) in Boticellis, di Cosimo and Titian’s paintings. Her slow movement to the ground, to the edge of the picture is being accompanied by undressing the figure: “as if the folds of the garment slid to the floor, all by themselves, in slow motion, and the young women undressed just before she reaches the floor, where the fabric catches her on a sheet. In this process the drapery gains autonomy and takes on a new iconographic and phenomenological function, now serving as a reservoir for the imaginary substance of desire” (Didi- Huberman; Ninfa Modern, 2006) 

documentation of installation;Clinamen und die Skulptiere (Clinamen and Sculptural Animals), 2020

sewn white plastic sheet, wood, flag holder, golden spray paint, latex, construction foam 220 x180 x 230 cm | 86.6 x 70.9 x 90.5