PODIUM 2020

documentation of installation: Lenin's Podium

wood weathers over seventeen years, sewn together pink plastic holders, glass screen iPAD displays a video of the (duration of video is at the moment around 120 minutes long) sculpture size: 180 x 200 x 100cm | 70.9 x 78.7 x 40 in

Lenin's Podium is based on an actual podium in G. Goldstein's original photograph of Lenin's historic speech of May 5, 1920. Goldstein’s image was iconic for generations, maybe in part because it captured the first self-determined, autonomous expression of the people at that time in the form of an oddly shaped, makeshift podium. I replicated the visible part of this podium and placed it in an allotment. A trail cam triggered by a motion sensor continues to record the podium over time as it slowly ages.

The first 10 minutes of the trail camera footage (by now the entire video is over two hours long and growing)